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DKA CEC L-48-00 Procedure A and Procedure B


DKA,CEC L-48-00:Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Oils used in Automotive Transmissions by Artificial Ageing (Laboratory Test)

FORZA Model:DKA-L48B-TH-M-8(/12) : DKA Test Apparatus As per CEC L-48-00 , Apparatus for Procedure B

It is an 8(or 12)-position Heated Tube bath with 8(or 12) flow meters on each test position. Each test position has one float-in-tube flow meter positioned in front . The airflow rate is maintained at 5 ± 0.5 L/hr with a precision valve. Bath temperature range is from 40° to 200°c and a It equipped with a Digital indicating temperature control which maintains ±0.1°C stability

Apparatus with Digital Mass flow Controller (MFC) also available 

The current method incorporates two alternative procedures: procedure A without condenser and procedure B with condenser.

Procedure A Apparatus also available please write to for more details.

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Heated Tube bath

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