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Forza International was founded in 2018 January by a group of senior executives with a total of almost 60 years of cumulative experience in this industry. The executive group that now leads Forza came together to leverage new ideas and methods and with rock solid experience to offer high quality equipment to the oil testing industry.. The goal of Forza is to introduce at least 2 or 3 brand new products to the industry annually and automate age old manual methods. Further the goal is to introduce safer methods and processes for personnel and the environment. A key area of emphasis is also automating testing methods by software integration which will lead to better and safer fuel and lubricant products for the general public.

Forza International LLC manufactures high quality test equipment for the petrochemical industry. This includes manual and automated equipment which are used to determine the properties of fuels and lubricants under various conditions. These equipment enable the fuel and lubricant producers to adhere to the quality guidelines of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) The equipment is produced with cutting edge engineering technology and skill that comes from 3 decades of experience in this industry. Forza international enjoys the trust of the major companies in this industry.

Target customers for Forza International fall into three groups: · Major oil companies world over · Companies that manufacture additives for the major oil companies · Third party labs that certify products handled by above two client groups ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron. Valero, Lubrizol, Citgo Aramco, SGS, etc are few of the target customers. They would use Forza International equipment in their quality control labs to determine acceptability of the quality of their products.

Mission Statement

To develop high-tech instruments and deliver high quality service to third party laboratories, major oil companies, and other test and analysis clients with a focus on innovation, quality, and reliability 

Vision Statement

Global base of third party laboratories, major oil companies, and other customers who are reliant on world-class technology which provides repeatable and reproducible testing results.